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Milwaukee's favorite all-you-can-eat crab legs

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By guest, Aug 28 2015 07:16PM

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Mar 30 2019 10:23PM by Stephanie Washington

ok people, i went to Las Palmas today, looking so forward to all you can eat crab legs as well as their great mexican food that i'm so use to, awww, years ago.
i haven't been here for many years, and remembering all of the great and tasty food.
Well so sadly disappointed, the crab legs were sooo bad, the authentic mexican food was sooo bad, i was just shocked.
when i arrived i was very worried that it would be such a long wait, biut to no avail. only a couple people were there. sooo i'm thinking well its early which i was excited about, i got first dibs on tables. Well, no one came and no one came because the food was horrible, the crab legs were cold and soggy, the mexican food was tasteless and just bad. I couldn't believe it i use to come here years ago and the food was outstanding, not today, sooo expensive and sooo bad. My review is, don't waste your money. Horrible

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